Trust Basic Assessment

Most people would rather live in a climate that is mild all year around than in one in which winters are cold
Hypocrisy is on that increase in our society
In dealing with strangers one is better off to be cautious until they have proved they are trustworthy
This country has a dark future unless we can attract better people In to politics
Fear of social disgrace or punishment rather than conscience prevent most people from breaking the law
Parents usually can be relied upon to keep their promises.
The advice of elders is often poor because the older person doesn’t recognize how times have changed.
Using the honor system of not having a teacher present during exams would probably result in increased cheating
The United Nations will never be an effective force in keeping world peace
Parents and teachers are likely to say what they believe themselves and not just what they think is good for the child to hear.
Most people can be counted on to do what they say they will do
As evidenced by recent books and movies morality seems on the downgrade in this county
The judiciary is a place where we can all get unbiased treatment
It is safe to believe that in spite of what people say, most people are primarily interested in their own welfare
The future seems very promising
Most people would be horrified if they knew how much news the public hears and sees are distorted.
Seeking advice from several people is more likely to confuse then it is to help one.
Most elected officials are really sincere in their campaign promises.
There is no simple way of deciding who is telling the truth
This county has progressed to the point where we can reduce the amount of competitiveness encouraged by schools and parents.
Even though we have reports in newspaper, radio and television, it is hard to get objective accounts of public events
It is more important that people achieve happiness than that they achieve greatness
Most experts can be relied upon to tell the truth about the limits of their knowledge.
Most parents can be relied upon to carry out their threats of punishment
One should not attack the political belief of other people
In these competitive time one has to be alert or someone is likely to take advantage of you
Children need to be given more guidance by teaches and parent then they now typically get
Most rumors usually have a strong element of truth.
Many major national sport contests are fixed in one way or the other
A good leader molds the opinions of the group he is leading rather than merely following the wishes of the majority
Most idealists are sincere and usually practice what they preach.
Most sales men are honest in describing their products
Education in this country is not really preparing young men and women to deal with the problems of the future.
Most students in school would not cheat even if they were sure of getting away with it
The hordes of students now going to college are going to find it more difficult to find good jobs when they graduate than did the college graduates of the past
Most repairmen would not overcharge even if they think you are ignorant of their specially.
A larger share of accident claims filed against insurance companies are phony.
One should not attack the religious beliefs of other people.
Most people answer public opinions honestly
If we really knew what was going on in international politics the public would have more reasons to be frightened than they now seem to be.

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