If you are looking for a speaker that is dynamic, connects with his audience and leaves them wanting for more, you need Eksteen de Waal for your next event. When it comes to leaders and conflict, there are few speakers with his breadth of knowledge and practical advice. From his time in the military and growing up in a divided society all the way through solving tough negotiations and closing multimillion-euro deals, Eksteen’s experience prepared him to be your partner in making your event not only memorable but unforgettable.
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Eksteen approaches speaking from three key points:

  1. Impact: will your audience remember, and will they take it with them for the rest of their lives and for the better?
  2. Value: will it impact not only the audience but also those they engage with positively?
  3. Clarity in agreements: you will often get more than you bargained on, but always what has been agreed.

Speaking Topics

Bulletproof CEO

Understanding improving your resilience.

When you are accountable, and responsible and yet feel alone, what do you do to get back on track and lead from a place of resilience and compassion?

When we are under pressure, and the proverbial S is about to hit the fan, how do you stay afloat and lead with clarity, speed and agility whilst maintaining your balance?

These are some of the questions answered in this world-class Keynote.

Crisis Leadership

The S hit the fan, now what?

In an increasingly polarised world, a world filled with constant conflict and crises, how do we lead others an create stability?

How do you position yourself in the eye of the storm, and create the calm necessary to be the one people can lean on without succumbing to the weight?

Eksteen takes your audience through these challenges with examples and practical advice that is immediately applicable and impactful

Hug a nerd

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When diversity, Equity and inclusion starts to sound like it is getting too much, what can I do?

In a world where gender identity, sexual orientation and racial inequalities exist, we need to understand how the human brain works in processing responses. That is the only way to ensure that hearts and minds can follow policy and legislation. Implementing a policy, a process of rules that won't take way the underlying issues, and understanding how to have conversations when things get tough can make or break a team and organisation. Eksteen brings this topic to life in a way that you have never thought about it before and will change your views and the way you engage with minorities forever.

Speaking engagements

Tailored to Your Needs

Each speech includes a Q&A session, plus an optional panel discussion with your own specialist at no extra costs

Speeches can be delivered in person or remotely

Our studio in Amsterdam ensures you have a premium experience for up to 4000 people on your chosen platform


Each speech consists of various modules, and each of these can be customised for your audience. This means that no two speeches are the same, but they match your audience’s needs.

It is never about the speaker; it is always about the audience, their learning, their impact and what they take away. In this, we see event organisers as partners, not just clients.

Delivery Formats

90 mins
30-60 mins
20 mins
15-60 mins
TEDx Style
Online Hosting of your event and MC services
In-person hosting of your onsite event
Leading the discussion on topics such as conflict and leadership with other experts.

Information for Organisers

Making it easier​

To help us find the right solution and ensure optimal customization, we use the following steps in our process:


Understanding your needs and how we can best help you


We have boiler plate contracts to facilitate ease of doing business and being incorporated in the Netherlands allows us to make use of the Dutch efficient legal system for contracting.


Discovering the details of your customisation needs and specifying expectations.


Delivering your chosen option and ensuring your audience leaves with something learned, remembered and or viewpoints changed.


Learning from what went well and what did not. We prefer doing this within a week after the event to ensure optimal capturing of information. (information capture)

Post engagement feedback

Two months later, we sit down and talk about what has been learned, how the impact has been perceived and what the audience and organisers have considered successful in the event. (reflection and brainstorm)

Engagement format and type

Speaking is not only a profession; finding the right speaker for your event can be challenging. It is hard enough to find the right speaker; once you have made a selection, the process should be as painless as possible. We aim to lower the threshold and make your life easy:

  1. We provide a process/list of items we will check with you to ensure we can deliver the best possible service and performance to you.
  2. We provide you with multiple royalty-free photos to suit your audience. If you don’t see what you need, just drop us a message.
  3. We have done this before, multiple times, so often have variations on contracts and ideas galore. We believe that we learn from each engagement we have with our clients and, at the same time, provide information and ideas to help our clients create unforgettable events.

Our guarantee to you:

Your event needs to run smoothly, and your audience needs to go home happy.
Below is our nine-point guarantee to you:

  1. A completely professional approach throughout
  2. An entertaining and informative experience for your audience
  3. A guarantee that audience members will gain an immediate, valuable take-away
  4. Content precisely tailored to your audience and business, with relevant stories and examples
  5. Full pre-event and post-event support
  6. All-inclusive pricing – No hidden extras or nasty surprises
  7. Arrival well ahead of time for pre-event discussions and technical checks
  8. Sticking to the time allotted
  9. A post-event review

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Eksteen specialises in conflict and relationships at work. As an officer in the military, in various leadership roles in multinationals and as a founder and entrepreneur, his fascination with what makes people work well together (or not) has garnered him insights he uses to help leadership teams improve performance and loyalty.

Eksteen specialises in conflict and relationships at work. As an officer in the military, in various leadership roles in multinationals and as a founder and entrepreneur, his fascination with what makes people work well together (or not) has garnered him insights he uses to help leadership teams improve performance and loyalty.

His clients include multinational pharmaceuticals, banks, IT companies and rapidly growing scale-ups. Where leadership is under stresses and strains, his frank and direct style breaks through barriers and goes to the heart of what makes us tick and how to unlock it. He believes reflection is the start of growth, and hope the growth medium.

Eksteen de Waal: A Dynamic Speaker on Leadership and Conflict

Eksteen de Waal is an influential public speaker hailing from South Africa and the Netherlands, renowned for his captivating talks on leadership and conflict resolution. As the President of the Professional Speakers Association of the Netherlands, Eksteen has established himself as a super-connector in the world of public speaking, bridging the gap between audiences and impactful ideas.

With a wealth of experience and a global reach, Eksteen fearlessly shares anecdotes from his journey in the speaking world. From facing the challenge of losing his speech notes to orchestrating thousands of people to stand on chairs and chant, he infuses humour and authenticity into his presentations.

However, it’s Eksteen’s expertise in relationships and their profound impact on both professional and personal spheres that truly sets him apart. Having immersed himself in this topic for over two decades, he has collaborated with distinguished organisations, including the European Space Agency, Coca-Cola, and NIBC. Notably, Eksteen’s commitment to understanding the dynamics of relationships led him to establish his own company, Exponentially Me, dedicated to enlightening organisations about the power of well-managed work relationships.

Through Eksteen’s engaging talks, such as “Hope, Heart, and the Ability to Reflect,” “The Inner Ironman: How Big Data is Changing Patient Relationships,” “Why Women Are Better at Innovation,” and “Hug a Nerd if you want Hope for the Future” he skilfully combines his research findings with compelling storytelling, leaving a lasting impact on his audiences.

Eksteen’s advice to fellow speakers and leaders is invaluable: speak from the heart, make your message relatable, embrace opportunities for learning, and engage with your audience to truly understand their needs. His modular approach to crafting talks, his emphasis on a core message, and his connection between speaking and consultancy all contribute to his success as a globally recognised speaker.

As Eksteen continues to share his insights and experiences, he exemplifies how determination, passion, and a touch of humour can transform anyone into a remarkable speaker.


Ladies and gentlemen, a distinguished public speaker and writer on the topics of crisis and conflict in Leadership teams. His speech is filled with compassionate insights and engaging narratives. Please put your hands together and please welcome Eksteen de Waal

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my privilege to introduce Eksteen de Waal, a distinguished public speaker whose expertise delves into the realms of leadership and conflict. With a remarkable ability to navigate the intricacies of these subjects, Eksteen captivates audiences with his insightful perspectives and engaging narratives. As the President of the Professional Speakers Association of the Netherlands, he brings a global perspective to the table, seamlessly connecting the worlds of leadership and conflict resolution. With a career enriched by collaborations with renowned organisations such as the European Space Agency and Coca-Cola, Eksteen’s insights are rooted in real-world experience and the latest research. Through his thought-provoking talks, Eksteen sheds light on the dynamics of relationships, work environments, and personal growth, leaving audiences inspired and empowered to lead and manage conflicts effectively. Please join me in welcoming Eksteen de Waal to the stage, where he will share his wisdom on leadership and conflict.