Exponential Leaders

We often hear leaders cannot be leaders without followers. If we are mandated to have a seniority over those we manage, are we then also leaders that people will willingly follow?  

Leadership is based on the context of where we find ourselves and the needs of those we lead. To ensure we know what is required of us, we may need to reengineer some of the things we do. In our Exponential Leadership Architecture programme, we look at what your specific context needs whilst giving you tools and interventions that leads to a practice of leadership that can adjust not only to where you are today, but also where you would like to be tomorrow. 

In this we use three different aspects of Exponential Leadership. We help you find your unique leadership perspective and help you to find your best leadership intervention opportunities. 

When we can see what needs to be done (perspective) and we identify the most impactful interventions, we need to understand how to best communicate that to those we serve. Have you found your unique voice, your adaptive perspective, and your unique blend of interventions to garner both loyalty and understanding what those you lead really need? 

Have you found your uncomfortable comfort spot yet? Where you can exist comfortably while the world shifts around you? What does your Exponential Leadership Architecture look like?  

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