Exponentially You

Sometimes we feel as if we are alone in this world, not connecting, not belonging, or out of place. 

Being able to shift our perspective to allow us to see ourselves as the whole person we are and just the reflection we think we see in others, gives us a way in which to allow ourselves to be more whole. 

During our lifetime our brains develop by building on what has gone before. That also means we need to accept some of who we are and if we really want to change something we need to expend the effort. Who is the Exponentially You? 

It sounds easy enough, but we all find it hard. Just try drawing faces with emotions and labelling them and see how far you get. 5? 10?15? If labelling and articulating other’s emotions is already difficult, how much can we articulate about ourselves?  

Finding ways in which we can say what we really mean, and feel is hard. The vocabulary is often difficult to find. Trying to express what we are passionate about, in a way that someone else can help us to do more of the same, is also not easy. In our Exponentially You coaching programmes we help people find their voice, and how to express that in a way that helps not only yourself but also other to connect with you. 

We even have a special programme called Geekspeak where we help individual take the complex idea and explain it in ways others can understand. Brining value to an organisation is often not only in your specialisation or skills, but more often in how you can bring your ideas to light and get them noticed. 

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