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Exponentially Me aims to provide leaders with the latest research and insights to best serve those they lead for maximum impact and performance.

Exponentially Me provides leaders with the latest research and insights to best serve those they lead for maximum impact and performance.

We have helped companies as diverse as fast-growing start-ups to Fortune 500 companies find new ways of improving interpersonal communication, – connection, and performance.

As a boutique leadership and performance consulting company, we provide customised solutions for teams to go from surviving to thriving.

Performance and impact improvement is a continuous process. When you have the right tools, it can seem effortless. We love seeing everyone we work with embark on a lifelong growth journey and see them flourish whilst improving interpersonal communication.

Our founder’s motto is “We love people”. We love helping them grow into their best selves. Our ethos is always to find the best solution to best fit our client’s needs and maximise their performance and impact.

Understanding that our customers are people first and members of an organisation second means we know we are in the “people business”.

When systems lead to the expected improvements, it is often the human element that has been overlooked. We know how hard it is to tackle this. Many leaders see it as daunting; to us, it is our daily work, and we relish how we help people find those relational elements that let your people shine and the organisation grow.

We won’t just stumble in and provide you with a generic approach.  We analyse first. What is hampering you, your team, or your organisation? What is getting in the way of improving your growth?

We know it can range from interpersonal triggers to motivation and resilience. Finding the critical drivers for each team and leader helps find where the most impact will be felt and where the best outcomes can be achieved.

As you may imagine, we often work with teams in conflict, but it does not have to get that far. Improvements in how we connect lead to significant performance and personal growth changes.

The two groups we are particularly fond of are leadership teams and recent young additions to your organisation. They represent both the potential for immediate as well as long term impact. In our mid-twenties, we are forming our perceptions of how relationships at work will work. Perceptions of vulnerability, authenticity, connection and intimacy are crucial for leaders. Help steer your company’s future by letting the recruits learn how to improve interpersonal communication designed to help them and those around them flourish.  What will your company’s future be? Design and build your best leaders today!

In a constantly changing world, when will you start to serve your future? Let us help you, your leaders and your teams to become their best and most authentic versions of themselves.

Exponential Teams

Exponential teams connect. Connect effectively with their peers. Connect to drive innovation. Connect to execute together. Is your team connecting effectively?

Exponential Leaders

Exponential Leaders develop relationships. Relationships that deliver innovation. Relationships that foster resilience. Relationships that build cohesion. You are the pivot. Are you able to rise to this challenge?

Exponential CEO

Exponential CEOs (Business Leaders) foster connections. Connections with peers to learn and grow. Connections with the organisation to foster compassion. Connections that are meaningful and lead to citizenship behaviour. Are you setting the example that others aspire to? Is your example guiding others on the path to a hopeful future?

Providing leaders with the skills and opportunities to improve interpersonal communication, connection and performance.

It is time to go from an organisation under duress to one that will impress! Invest in TLC.

We focus on how your Teams, Leaders and CEO empowers your organisation to achieve results and cohesion through building effective relationships.

Organisations need to rely on their people, (TeamsLeaders and the CEOs) to stay agile and innovative, be relentlessly reliable, be empathic and compassionate all whilst focusing on performance in an ever-changing economy. You all work together, believe in the same vision and execute on the same strategy. It should be straight forward, right?

Employees may be connected, but are they really connecting? Connecting electronically is a given in the ‘new normal’ of remote working, but it is removing your organisations cohesion, employee citizenship behaviour and will impact your results.

Success is all about connection!
With us the odds are not stacked against you, but for you.

At Exponentially Me, we know that effective business relationships are the basis of true employee engagement and organisational success. We help TeamsLeaders and CEOs transform to perform. As a boutique consultancy, we can pivot with our clients to ensure we always deliver the most relevant and up to date research and content.  We are your partner in delivering relevant, reliable and research-based content that gives you the best results in the shortest space of time.
In these times of uncertainty, we are the reliable partner that helps you through thick and thin.  The best is, we will never let you feel as if you are going it alone,
we are there to help you assist you and guide you. Our best client outcomes are those where participants can spread their wings and fly. We provided the navigation charts and they find their path.

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