Evidence-Based Interventions

Exponentially Me’s Evidence-Based Leadership Interventions helps you to turn around individual, team and department challenges such as conflict, where the potential of individual performance, collaborations and leadership are lost, damaging revenue goals, culture and turnover.

We specialise in helping teams in conflict and improving resilience. We have found that by navigating conflict and finding resilience, individuals and teams discover unique paths and embark on a journey of lifelong growth.

We use our evidence-based approach to determine the optimal (intervention) solution for your unique circumstances. We combine personality assessments with an analysis of underlying triggers, observational capabilities, and motivational drivers. We conduct this at the individual level and then compare the aggregate to team dynamics, context and culture. Comparing the outcomes of the analyses and your goals, such as KPI improvements, a customised program will be composed to both improve interpersonal communication and maximise performance and impact.

Our goal and customer-centric focus way of working not only improves your profitability but also impacts multiple aspects Exponentially: increased effectiveness and performance, employee growth and satisfaction, collaboration, innovation power, inclusion and emotional safety, and as such, overall company performance and resilience

Case Studies


“Joe isn’t functioning within the team, and performance is down; help!”

“I’ve got a rebel in my team; how do I make him/her collaborate with the team?”


“We need to reorganize, who do I keep for a successful team?”

“We will be restructuring, who do I keep to have a team that performs well together when it is done?”

Dept. / Organisation

Who is going to be able to work well together after the merger?

Are we keeping the founders or the young guns? Who will have the best impact on the company’s future after the acquisition?