Privacy Policy GDPR Addendum

May 2018 | Version 1.0

We respect your privacy. Under European law, we need to and want to explain in simple and unambiguous terms how we work with your data.

The items stipulated below are in conjunction with our privacy policy.

Right to Access

This means that you are allowed to know what personal information we have on you, how we use it and for what purpose.

Once you are logged in and go to your profile page, you will see what personal information we have on you. By personal information yo,u need to realise that it is all information that can uniquely identify you. think of your name, email address etc or combinations of data such as address, date of birth and sex.

Right to transfer

You can ask us at any time to provide you with the information that we have to be able to send it to someone else. This policy helps you transition to other providers of the same services we provide. ie we will not make it difficult for you to leave our services and join someone else that provide the same services by withholding your data from them where it may apply.

Right to be forgotten

You can request that we remove your personally identifiable data at any time. This means that we may keep data such as your month and year of birth for demographic analyses, the city that you had as part of your address as well as any other kind of information that does not allow for personally identifying you. this process is irreversible. Once you start this process you will become completely anonymous to us. any assessments or other types of information you have provided us will be rendered completely anonymous and as such we cannot reinstate your account once you have done so. As your email address is part of your user account and also your username, when you ask to be forgotten we will also remove your account from our systems. Please be aware that we cannot ask our suppliers on your behalf to remove your data from their systems. We work with highly ethical suppliers, whose terms and conditions you may have accepted separately from ours. we will provide you with the contact details and processes where necessary to assist you in achieving the right to be forgotten.

Click on the (?) question mark symbol to launch the help desk app. Here you can contact us regarding all the above as well as privacy policy questions