Exponential Teams

Teams are special. We try and bring people together from different walks of life, cultures, background and so also people that have had different experiences shaping them into whom they are today. This includes traumatic events that create strange behaviour and triggers, as well as coping mechanisms and reactions that are deeply engrained. We know that neuroplasticity allows us to modify what our brains do, but we also need to understand that this is not a panacea – we cannot rewire the brain completely. 

With our Exponential Teams Programme, we look at what makes each team unique. Each person has a unique contribution to make that is more than just a behavioural analysis. How do you create a work environment that feels safe and where people can show who they are and what they can offer? What is the most unforgettable thing you know about those next to you? 

Teams are about the strings that bind us together and the things that threaten to sever them. We often see that with teams in conflict that both are present, but people are blissfully unaware of what precisely causes there breaks. We help teams find the perspective they need to help, to leave space, and to celebrate some of the unique capabilities such as the ability to see how others feel. Something that varies a lot from one person to the next, but is not only overlooked but key to the way we engage with each other 

When we know what gets in the way we can use the interventions that allows us to bring it to light and take the actions we need to ensure improved team communication and performance growth. Once you have done every program to build your high performing teams and keep on pushing and prodding to optimise it, maybe it is time to let the team speak, show and be who they are. The beauty of leading teams in this way is increase performance, better team cohesion, and long term mental health improvement. 

What is your team perspective, favourite effective intervention, and piece of communication?