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Develop and nurture effective business relationships

Why we do what we do
We want to see teams experience exponential growth! Having worked across multiple roles, in different industries, we have had the opportunity to see how individual and teams excel and struggle through the relationship dynamics that come with the pressure of work. We know how effective teams can be when given the best environment in which to work. We want to share this experience, so individuals, teams and organisations can grow together and face the ever-changing world, stronger, together.

What we believe in
We believe that team performance is directly influenced by the relationships the individuals have with one another. Teams see, hear and experience every aspect of the organisation. They hold the key to great customer service, creative strategies and innovative solutions. By nurturing stronger and more productive relationship in the workplace, people excel.

How we enjoy helping teams
We passionately believe in building teams, not team building. We want to share our wealth of experience, commitment, and passion in building long lasting effective team relationships with you. We don’t deliver a cookie-cutter approach. We work with you to identify and address your needs, and deliver solutions with you, not to you. Our approach is anchored in business practice with relevant, reliable and research-based content tools that gives you the best results in the shortest space of time

What makes us different? Our authenticity, empathy, thoughtfulness, experience and total commitment to our clients’ success!

Meet the team

Leveraging our experience and passion for organisational success

Eksteen de Waal

Founder & AD
Eksteen De Waal (MBA) is an international leadership consultant, speaker, writer and author

With over 30 years’ professional experience, Eksteen has spent time in the consulting world for the financial and tech industries, worked in skills development as a senior training developer and has held various management and director positions – all contributing to his drive to help people and businesses succeed.

Through a deep passion for team development and a belief that compassion is at the heart of all truly successful organisations, he founded Exponentially Me, to focus on corporate wellness and empowering individuals to freely live their true selves in a team environment.

Elena Stojimirovic

Program Development Director
Elena Stojimirović (MSc) is Exponentially Me’s in-house clinical psychologist.

Through her understanding of how individual personalities may affect team dynamics, she is motivated to draw out people’s strengths and align them with those they work with. Elena’s insight into character and emotions and understanding of how these effect relationships in the workplace brings invaluable expertise to the Exponentially Me team.

Elena has a natural talent for languages, and speaks English, Serbian, and French fluently, whilst working on gaining proficiency in Dutch and Spanish.

Victoria Rawlins

Social Media Manager
Victoria is passionate about communications all round. As a social media manager, she is excited about the opportunities that digital platforms present for humans to connect and learn from one another. Victoria takes care of Exponentially Me’s social media presence and strives to increase human engagement by communicating content that has both context and relevance for businesses and leaders today. Most importantly, she is 100% committed to the Exponentially Me vision to help teams transform to perform, and to this point, she strives to communicate the heart of who we are as a team and how we aim to make a difference in organisations across the world.

Jacqueline Boulos-Mayer

Marketing Director
Jacqueline is passionate about communications, marketing and strategic hands-on execution.

With more than 18 years’ experience in integrated communication, she believes that consistent strategic review is key to stay ahead in an evolving market.

In 2014, she founded her own agency, and through this her interest in innovative leadership and team dynamics sprung to new heights.

Jacqueline has connected her two passions for innovative leadership and her expertise in communication as the marketing director for Exponentially Me.

Allan Masterson

Business Development
Allan Masterson, (BSc PhD MBA) comes from a background in Oncology R&D and Sales and Marketing in the pharmaceutical industry.

Allan’s passion is to understand and improve team communication through effective storytelling and as an Irishman, he knows how to tell a good story!

Allan is motivated to continue to understand how strengtehing workplace relations can drive increased performance across account management and sales teams.

*Allan Masterson provides his time to Exponentiality Me on a voluntary basis.

Michele Thwaits

Office Manager
Michele has proven track record with over 36 years’ experience in the corporate world as a PA and EA, working with senior executives and CEOs.

In 2016 she started working for herself as a Virtual Assistant and believes she is able to give her clients the attention they need - simplifying the complex, turning disorder into order and chaos into control.

Michele loves what she does and it shows in the way she handles her work by keeping the team on track – reliably, consistently and efficiently.