Me, Myself, I & the people around me

Getting to know yourself

Part of relationships is the understanding of how we act and react towards others. As we grow,we develop mechanisms to cope with our environment and form habits and reactions. Sometimes our behaviour seems to contradict our intentions, beliefs and values. In the Basics module, we explore behaviour vs motivates and create a basis for analyses and a baseline to measure growth. In the subsequent module, we further explore what thoughts and behaviours keep us trapped. From there, we look at what processes we can put in place to help us interact with others so we can grow as our relational potential and deepen our connections.
The Basics
In this course, we explore what the status quo is. Firstly we will look at your empathic capabilities that allows you to observe the relational world around you. Secondly, we look at your behaviours. Our behaviours are often engrained and often triggered by those around us. How do we become aware of this and make changes? Lastly, we will look at what drives us, what motivates us, also known as our values in action. We begin this journey by looking at the ways in which empathy plays a role in our daily interactions, establishing what behaviours influence us and what values drive ouractions and also identify those values thatare unfulfilled.
a. Empathy
Empathy has three aspects; Cognitive Empathy, Affective Empathy and Compassionate Empathy. What are the relationships between these aspects? How does this drive, not only our interaction with others, but also our creativity and even innovation in our teams?
b. Behaviour
Behaviour is that which others see of us. It is the primary way in which others see who we are. There are many platforms assessing our behaviours to see if they can predict what our reactions would be. We may believe that we are unpredictable,but behaviour more often than not a reaction to our environment. How we behave is based in what we have experienced, our genetic predispositions and how we learned to cope with the world around us. Once we understand how we react and act, we can decide if we would like to change our behaviours to show our truer selves
c. Drivers
Behaviour may be our reaction to the world, but it is driven not only by reactions, but also by actions. What are the things that drive you? How can you harness that to change behaviours or even find new ways of motivating yourself? In this module we explore what your individual drivers are and how using them can motivate and drive you to viewing yourself in a whole new light. How are you using your drivers today? What do you think motivates you? What are the type of things that get you out of bed in the morning? Here you will discover how to allow for a reframing of your world through your own motivational “lenses” that work for you.