Overcoming the pitfalls of being a Don(na)

woman sitting on sofa holding eyeglasses

Donna, from Suits the tv series, has a knack for sensing what others need.

You may also be a Sensitive, a Don(na). This does not mean you are emotional, but that you can see emotions well.

This is an amazing quality to have. It has been shown to be key to innovation, problem-solving and helping teams achieve greatness.

It is not always easy to live with. You see how others feel. Completely. It means that their intentions in all their complexity are visible to you. What people say, do and feel are seldom 100% congruent. This can be a struggle in the work environment where people make statements that are politically correct, but you see the disconnect between what is said and what is meant.

This also gives you an amazing ability to get to the heart of the organization. You can enquire, discuss and discover how people truly feel. You can be the conscience, the bridge to connection and the perfect coach, leader, manager or guide in your organization.

As humans, we have developed the ability to “read” others. We are stronger together, so we never want to be left out. When we upset, annoy or offend others, we could be excluded. This means we are constantly aware of this. What we may not know is that we cannot see this in ourselves. When we speak this ability switches off. This is where we need a bridge to help us. Help us to align the impact we want to achieve with the intentions we believe is true. In short; to be completely authentic.

We don’t always come across the way we meant to. Don(na)s see through that and realise the incongruence. If you are a Don(na), this can be confusing. It also holds great power. It gives you the ability to see things others do not notice. You may actually have a gene that turns this into a superpower.

We know that intentions are never pure. As a Don(na) you can help find not only the relevant intentions but also the ways to voice them. Your ability is the bridge between what people feel and say. What needs to be said is often lost because people lack courage. Your encouragement can make the difference. Never lose heart. Your whole life has been preparing you to deal with the responsibility. Now that you know your gift, you can shine a light on the problems that need solving, the issues that need tackling and discover the unseen innovative ideas.

Tip: When you see something that does not seem to match, talk to the person. Have a moment alone and gently enquire. Remember this is not a perfect sensing method, validate your “assumptions” and soon you will be even better at detecting how you can help others to help themselves. The perception is that women are better than men. The latest research is showing that the differences are not as big as we may assume. Do the empathy assessment at exponentially.me/assessments and find out how gifted you are.