Don(na)s and Teams

Do you think your team is lacking in compassion? Compassion is one of three parts of empathy: 

  1. Cognitive empathy, the ability to see how others feel – See
  2. Affective empathy, the ability to feel what others feel – Feel
  3. Compassionate empathy, the willingness to act on what you see and feel. -Do 

Compassion is the “action” element, but it starts with seeing. Only when we see how others feel can we “empathize” with them and act upon it. Teams that score low on cognitive empathy also underperform when it comes to ideation, innovation, complex problem solving and connecting with others. 

To improve your team’s performance, you need to add a Don(na). You know, someone like Donna from Suits the tv series. Someone that can see how others feel. It may be that you are secretly the Don(na) where you are it is time for you to step up and help the team improve. 

So who are your Don(na)s? Maybe you are missing one? You can do a test to see who should lead the next brainstorm, be the team coach, or be your Don(na).To be more compassionate, first, you need to discover how well you and your team see. Do the Empathy test at and find out.