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We spend most of our time working with our colleagues, but the true strength of an organisation’s success goes beyond competencies and stems from the real relationships within the team. The way in which we interact with our fellow teammates has a real impact on individual performance, team cohesion and the overall success of your business. The Covid-19 pandemic not only shifted teams to a remote way of working, but it also changed perceptions around what teamwork should look like, highlighting the ever-important need for connectedness.

At Exponentially Me our mission is to work with individuals, teams and leaders to take organizations from a state of ‘survive’ to thrive. We start by looking at individuals, their unique character traits and strengths and highlight their superpowers to achieve higher levels of engagement and performance. If you don’t know who you are, or who your colleague is, what their triggers and drivers are then how can you grow your team dynamics to new heights? The power of performance lies in the relationships and their impact.

Our unique interventions and course programs are designed to revolutionize the performance of your business. We believe an engaged, inclusive and productive workforce is only possible when you invest in relationships first.

Knowing Myself, Growing Myself

Are you struggling to navigate your way to a healthier and happier professional work life? This begs the question… How well do you know yourself? The better you do, the more you can grow! Your journey of self begins with assessing your character and gives you the starting point to take the first steps in dealing with stress and building resilience at work.

We are here to help you set the foundation and provide a solid footing that will see you and your teams realise exponential growth.

Me, you (We) – working together

Knowing yourself is the first step: but knowing yourself and how you relate to others – helps you understand how they relate to you. We often believe others are like us and see the world through the same glasses, but when we understand this is not the case then we are able celebrate our differences. It’s in these differences that teams find their strengths and can apply them, especially during times of duress.

Learning to discover each other’s uniqueness, helps us to find a common purpose and shared values, the game changer that takes teams from survive to thrive!

Leadership: from survive to thrive

Leadership is all about facilitating growth. Have you achieved human interconnectedness and cohesion within your team? Is giving and receiving feedback a positive learning experience? Or do you find your team doing the bare minimum, and the culture of working becomes increasingly isolated? When compassion and empathy lose their place, innovation suffers.

We work with you to inject synergy and life into your leadership approach.Our Leadership interventions are designed to consistently improve resiliency and performance, not only in your team but across the organisation.